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The Witching Hours
Tuesday February 27th, 2018 with Kanaska Carter
Interview with Fabien Melanson and Jay Doe about their paranormal investigation. Interview with Kimberley Ann Forget about Vampires, The Grim Reaper and Werewolves. Music and motivational content in the morning.

Debut show
Noj Nor - Spectral Psycho
A Gift For You
TriaL - TriaL
Plan Of Attack
Truthnow - Plan Of Attack
Billions Of Years
Stephen Paul Taylor - Chill The Fuck Out
Yoga Dominatrix
Virtual Light - Virtual Light
Body Slam
Stephen Paul Taylor - Chill The Fuck Out
Fight The Dragons
Stephen Paul Taylor - Chill The Fuck Out
Chasing The Moon
Truth Now - Chasing The Moon
Just say no to the Bodyskannerz
Truth Now - Seige Of Castle Greyskull
Chill The Fuck Out
Stephen Paul Taylor - Chill The Fuck Out
War On 4 Your Mind
Truth Now - Karma Alarm
Interactive CKCU
Mark Harrison
I like the format of this show The Witching Hour, I'm a night owl and looking to find unique shows to listen to is not easy. I hope to hear more of this show soon. Keep up the good stuff. :)

2:42 AM, March 3rd, 2018
I wake-up to the show when I get up early. It doesn't bat you over the head like the other stations so i can start my day. Great non-commercial music with some interesting interviews as well.

5:21 PM, March 27th, 2018