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Tones Riffs & Notes
Saturday January 12th, 2019 with Greg Lightfoot

ODESZA - Summer's Gone
Heady Ideas
Black Market Karma - Upside out Inside Down
Under My Thumb
The Rolling Stones - Aftermath
The Orange Revival - Black Smoke Rising
Big Fat Mouth
Arlie - Big Fat Mouth
Feelin Good
The Stevenson Ranch Davidians - Life & Death
Lonely Eyes
The Spyrals - The Spyrals
You Make Me Wanna Die
The Shivas - You Know What to Do
Matthew Good Band - The Audio Of Being Canadian
Hide My Face
Acid Ghost - I Want to Hide My Face & Die
Los Shadows - Midnight Climax
Price of Progress
Faux Ferocious - Price of Progress
Space Cadet
The Murlocs - Loopholes
CASTLEBEAT, Sonia Gadhia - Telephone
Better Now
Post Malone - beebongs & bentleys
Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor - Spectra Spirit
The Cozzmos - If It Helps
Voices Carry
'Til Tuesday - Coming Up Close: A Retrospective
I Drink Rainfall
Needle Points - Bom Tugangu
I WIsh I Woulda' Known1
Flesh Panthers - I Wish I Woulda' Known
Back in '74
Endless Boogie - Vibe Killer
Bad Liquor Pond - Blue Smoke Orange Sky
Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel - Nico & Her Psychedelic: Subconscious
Don't Stand a Chance
The Gromble - Jayus
She's the Worst
The Soaks - The Soaks
Orange Light
Cool Ghouls - A Swirling Fire Burning Through the Rye
Bad Texan
The Lucid Dream - Compulsion Songs
April 29, 1992 (Miami)
Sublime - Sublime
Don't Go To Hell With Out Me
House Of Fire - House Of Fire
21 Days
Pete International Airport - Pete International Airport
Small Crush - Blush
Twisted Love
Scenic Route to Alaska - Tough Luck Canadian
Thank you
Love Keeps
Scenic Route to Alaska - Long Walk Home Canadian
Mom Jeans
Heyrocco - Teenage Movie Soundtrack
Big Green Lawn
Waterloo Teeth - Waterloo Teeth
Darlin' 61
Tales of Murder and Dust - Hallucinations of Beauty
Gandhi Is My Gun
Rancho Relaxo - Happy Friday Experiment
Interactive CKCU
great music so far

2:49 AM, January 12th, 2019