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Just Your Average Radio Show
Wednesday December 7th, 2016 with Dave Meehan
Music to listen to at midnight in December.

Great tunes plus part 2 of my conversation with the guys at Stomping Ground. Full conversation with both Naj and Josh can be found on my Soundcloud page Also, Browncoats unite! An ode to Ron Glass.
Intro - Intagerines and Chez Monplaisir - shit happens all the time so stay safe and listen to your radio
Kestrels - S/T Canadian New
In The Middle
Mona - In The Middle New
Saturday Night
Wooden Sky - Let's Be Ready Canadian
Lewis Del Mar
Lewis Del Mar - Loud(y)
Elsee - Eggshells Canadian
Radiohead - Supercollider/The Butcher New
Blood And Glass - single Canadian
Part 2 of my conversation with the guys at Stomping Ground. Josh talks Tattoos and guilty pleasure(the answer for which was edited for time...sheesh man)
Be Above It
Tame Impala - Lonerism
Mona Lisa
Sons Of Freedom - Sons Of Freedom Canadian
Adrian Young - Luke Cage Soundtrack New
Long Live The Chief
Jidenna - Long Live The Chief
Hallway Fight
John Paesano - Daredevil Soundtrack
Funeral / Rebuilding Serenity
David Newman - Serenity Soundtrack
Under The Sun
DIIV - Is The Is Are New
Don't Yah Feel Better
The Velveteines - Don't Yah Feel Better Canadian New
Hyperballad (feat. Jana Hunter)
Jim-E Stack - Hyperballad New
Squelcher - single
Cat Thruster
deadmau5 - W:/2016ALBUM/ Canadian New
Work It Out
Some Shadows
Hello Moth - Slave In A Stone Canadian
The Day I left Home
The Hidden Cameras - The Day I left Home Canadian New
The Hidden Cameras - Awoo Canadian
The Idea Of Love
Cold Cave - The Idea Of Love
The Human Touch
Howard Jones - Engage
Crystal Castles - Amnesty (I) Canadian
Jimi Infinity
Tasseomancy - Do Easy Canadian New
Walk On Water
Jane Siberry - Angels Bend Closer Canadian New
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