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Just Your Average Radio Show
Wednesday November 23rd, 2016 with Dave Meehan
Episode 3 - Return of the...(Insert Clever Show Title Here)

Music from Tommy Hawkins, Kroy, Squelcher (Playing House of Targ Dec 3rd) and a conversation I had with Naj and Josh from Stomping Ground, a great new clothing store in the Glebe.
Heavy Metal
Justice - Woman New
Kroy - SCAVENGER Canadian
Stains and Burns
Like A Motorcycle - High Hopes Canadian
It's Your Glow UFO
Expanda Fuzz - Bleuets Canadian
One More Step
Gustavo Santaolalla - Before The Flood (Soundtrack)
Love Like Thieves
Dante Decaro - Love Like Thieves Canadian
A Sign in Space
L Con - Moon Milk Canadian
The Balconies - Rhonda Canadian New
Burn Like Fire
Sonic Avenues - Disconnector Canadian
Part 1 of a conversation I had with Naj and Josh from Hear my head explode as Naj tells me his favourite hockey team.
Strange Froots - S/T Canadian
Freak Out
Wintersleep - The Great Detachment Canadian New
Do You Smell That?
Cliff Martinez - The Knick Season 2 (Soundtrack)
Crying - Beyond The Fleeting Galas
If you believe you’re a citizen of the world you’re a citizen of nowhere. You don’t understand what the very word ‘citizenship’ means
-Theresa May (British PM)

Better the Pride that Resides
In A Citizen of The World
Than the Pride that Divides
When a Colourful Rag is Unfurled
-Rush (Holy Trinity)
Rush - Power Windows Canadian
Submotion Orchestra - Alium
Midi Sans Frontiéres
Squelcher - S/T
Pang Attack - North Country Psychic Girls Canadian New
Nash The Slash - Decomposing Canadian
Winter Bird
Hawksley Workman - Old Cheetah Canadian
Love Will Destroy Who It Wants
Tommy Hawkins - Amy Canadian New
Stronger Tomorrow
Thomas D'arcy - Fooled You Twice Canadian
Leonard Cohen
Bobby Bazini - Summer Is Gone Canadian
ET Oasis
Monomyth - Exo
No Love In an Elevator
Blake Neely - Blindspot (Soundtrack)
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