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Movie Mondays
Monday August 20th, 2018 with Michael O'Keefe and Joshua Robert Bateman
Virtual Relationships - an Interview with Hao Wu

Fantasia coverage continues in new and unexpected ways in this edition where Mike and Josh spend almost half the episode talking about Buybust (2018) a crime/action film by Erik Matti that also happened to be Josh's favourite film of Fantasia. Then they move to the documentaries with Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood (2018) a film about the hidden lives of homosexual film stars in the Golden Age of Hollywood, Generation Wealth (2018) an examination of materialism and social status in youth, and People's Republic of Desire (2018) a look at China in the social media era. With a little bit of time on each film you still get your weekly dose of documentary, but with a focus on the best of the three People's Republic of Desire and an interview with it's director Hao Wu. There were some difficulties in the recording of the interview and as a result it's not the greatest quality. We apologize!
Streets to Blame
Keith Emerson - Murderock Soundtrack
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