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Movie Mondays
Monday March 27th, 2017 with Michael O'Keefe and Joshua Robert Bateman

Mike and Josh focus on the career of director John Flynn with a long tenure in Hollywood the end of his career might have been a little hollow with work like Lock Up (1989) and Brainscan (1994) our hosts hope to shine a light on a few memorable movies that stand the test of time. These two films from early in his career are The Outfit (1970) an adaptation of the Richard Stark novel and Rolling Thunder (1977) written by Paul Schrader. If you're looking for And if you're in the mood for a Horror/Comedy/Musical check out The Lure (2015) a Polish mermaid film playing at the Mayfair Theatre premiering March 31st.
Streets to Blame
Keith Emerson - Murderock Soundtrack
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