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Movie Mondays
Monday December 5th, 2016 with Michael O'Keefe and Joshua Robert Bateman
A Killer Episode

Watch out for Mike and Josh! If they come into your studio, these two stone cold professionals might just be The Killers. Movie Mondays has a digest of Ernest Hemingway's classic short story The Killers (1927) and it's many media adaptations. Including the dark noir The Killers (1946) with Burt Lancaster and Ava Gardner, and tv-movie too violent for the small-screen The Killers (1964) with Lee Marvin and John Cassevetes. If that's not enough they touch briefly on The Killers (1949) a radio play where Burt Lancaster reprised his role as well as The Killers (1956) a student film by one of cinema's greatest poets Andrei Tarkovsky. Did I say The Killers enough for ya? It's Digi60 Time in Ottawa! One of Ottawa's excellent local film festivals. With a documentary and narrative short films there is something for everyone. You might just see Josh up on the screen too.
Streets to Blame
Keith Emerson - Murderock Soundtrack
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