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Lesson Hear
Wednesday September 11th, 2019 with Bruce Walton
Lesson Hear

a show recorded on June 5 for broadcast on CKCU at a date & time tbd. Which is quite random. I like it.
In the first set: a song which I thought was mis-spelled, but then decided it must be a reference to Aster Aweke; the wonderful Ken Nordine, a tv ads voice in the 1950's - turns out he also had a way with words; Mekons -say no more; and music from Zimbabwe - I believe the song title is correct, but I'm not so sure about the album title.
Souljazz Orchestra - Rising Sun (2010) Canadian
Ken Nordine - Colors (1967)
Work All Week
Mekons - Punk Rock (2004)
Thomas Mapfumo & Blacks Unlimited - Manhungetunge
Sou Sedhiou
Orchestra Baobab - Bamba (rec. 1980-81)
Secousse Soukous
Souljazz Orchestra - Freedom No Go Die (2007) Canadian
Here I Am (Come And Take Me)
Michael Jerome Browne - That's Where It's At (2019) Canadian
Charmin' Betsy (1929)
Henry Thomas - S/T
Louisiana 1927 (Randy Newman)
Michael Jerome Browne - That's Where It's At Canadian
Mandolin Orange - Such Jubilee (2015)
the balance of the show mixes the great Curtis Mayfield-led Impressions with Ottawa [host-cannot-determine-correct-genre-name] band Hi Lo Trons. Est-ce-que ├ža fonctionne?
Fool For You
The Impressions - This Is My Country (1968)
Should've Come Over
Hi Lo Trons - Bella Simone (2006) Canadian
Sad Sad Girl And Boy
The Impressions - The Impressions (1963)
Hi Lo Trons - Happymatic (2008) Canadian
It's Alright
The Impressions - The Impressions
Samurai Robot
Hi Lo Trons - Bella Simone Canadian
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