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After Hours
Sunday January 10th, 2016 with O'shea Adagio
Symptoms Of Love

Vintage Love - "After Hours" tonight featuring Level 42, The Winans, the truly divine, Divine Brown, Phil Collins, Marvin Gaye and many more. Nuff respect to everyone on the Interactive Menu and big ups to Prof. Mike and everyone who stayed up and stayed tuned into After Hours on CKCU 93.1FM. It is truly a fun adventure staying up late with you during part 2 of my mid weekend nights. I hope you enjoy the music on the other side of the microphone. Join me again next week same time... same place for more music on After Hours. :-) O'shea Adagio Vintage Love - After Hours CKCU 93.1FM STILL... "Playing With Those Memories Again" ckcuvintagelove
Daddy's Home (@ 02:19)
Bitty McLean - Overflow from Vintage Love - After Hours coming up next!
This Time (@ 12:12)
The Whispers - -
Only You (@ 17:41)
Commodores - -
I'll Write A Song For You (@ 22:49)
Earth, Wind and Fire - -
If Ever I See You Again (@ 27:06)
Roberta Flack - -
One More Chance (@ 31:48)
Divine Brown - - Canadian
Someday We'll All Be Free (@ 38:47)
Donny Hathaway - -
I Knew That You Were Cheatin (@ 48:20)
Keith Sweat - -
Second Time Around (@ 54:40)
Luther Vandross - -
All At Once (@ 61:00)
Whitney Houston - -
If Leaving Me Is Easy (@ 65:35)
Phil Collins - -
We Both Deserve Each Other's Love (@ 72:42)
L.T.D. - -
You Are My Starship (@ 75:50)
Norman Connors - -
Tomorrow (@ 80:10)
The Winans - -
Sweet Love (@ 84:18)
Anita Baker - -
For Once In My Life (@ 88:43)
Stevie Wonder - -
Just One Look (@ 91:25)
Doris Troy - -
Where Are We Going? (@ 95:39)
Marvin Gaye - -
Oh What A Night For Dancing (@ 100:20)
Barry White - -
Get Down On It (@ 103:30)
Kool & The Gang - -
Something About You (@ 108:15)
Level 42 - -
My Love Is Waiting (@ 112:45)
Marvin Gaye - -
Caravan Of Love (@ 119:51)
Isley Jasper Isley - -
Interactive CKCU
O'shea Adagio (host)
Welcome to "After Hours" here on CKCU 93.1FM. Welcome to Sunday mornin'. :-)

12:01 AM, January 10th, 2016
Professor Mike
Good Early Sunday Morning and tuned in live

12:37 AM, January 10th, 2016
O'shea Adagio (host)
Good morning man.. how are you doing?

12:38 AM, January 10th, 2016
Professor Mike
Doing great and getting ready to go on air late Sunday night early Monday morning from 2:00-7:00am

12:40 AM, January 10th, 2016
O'shea Adagio (host)
And I thought 4 hours was long... haha Nuff respect to you!

12:43 AM, January 10th, 2016
Tuned in!
Loving the vibes!

12:50 AM, January 10th, 2016
O'shea Adagio (host)
Thanks for tuning into After Hours this morning. Glad you are enjoying the vibes.

12:55 AM, January 10th, 2016
Staying 4 da Ride..
I feel your soulfulness is helping me to heal a broken heart. Thanks DJ Loveliness!

1:06 AM, January 10th, 2016
I am up past my bedtime but it is soooo worth it. Love the memories your musical journey is providing. So chill!!

1:07 AM, January 10th, 2016
O'shea Adagio (host)
Well... I remember a time when slow jams and songs like this would fill the dance floor with couples dancing... now these tunes are used to end parties but.. we bringin dese chunes back.. After Hours! :-)

1:07 AM, January 10th, 2016
There is a request on the regular VL Int. Menu. (12:18am) (Maybe you could remind listeners to switch over the "VL After Hours" Int. Menu.

1:17 AM, January 10th, 2016
Two thumbs up!
Hmmm!!! So nice of you to be playing the Winans song - "Tomorrow". Wow!! Great encouraging, realistic song! Thanks for including it into the mix. (God bless your heart!:-)

1:31 AM, January 10th, 2016
My girl
Anita Baker, such an amazing singer!

1:35 AM, January 10th, 2016
O'shea Adagio (host)
Love that tune... whether you like Gospel or not.. it is great music and a great message. Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed hearing it. Thank you. :-)

1:41 AM, January 10th, 2016
O'shea Adagio (host)
Glad you enjoyed it! (lets just not tell my brother that I played Anita.. lets just keep that between us)

1:42 AM, January 10th, 2016
Ha ha!
Very talented singer, ...Ms. Baker! Wow, 1:45am already!! It's just so amazing how FAST, 4 hours go by. It was just 10 pm a little while ago. Geez, time is flying by toooo fast!!

1:45 AM, January 10th, 2016
O'shea Adagio (host)
For real... you tell no lie! The hours go by soooo fast. I am glad there are still some of you out there listenin'.

1:46 AM, January 10th, 2016
We are glued
We are always here for you Honey Bee! You are sooo very cute, and we just love your voice! How can we do less, but stay tuned in!

1:47 AM, January 10th, 2016
#1 Groupie
I'm here have a fan group!

1:50 AM, January 10th, 2016
O'shea Adagio (host)
Ahh.. htat is great. Thank you so much for keeping it locked into CKCU. Love it! Thank you. :-)

1:54 AM, January 10th, 2016
O'shea Adagio (host)
It would be great if I could spell too right?!?! That should be "that" haha :-)

1:54 AM, January 10th, 2016
Shining star
It's ok. Your loveliness, overshadows any spelling error! Will be dreaming of you tonight for sure!!

2:02 AM, January 10th, 2016
Positive vibes
Great song - "Caravan of Love"

2:03 AM, January 10th, 2016
#1 Groupie
It's THAT GOLDEN VOICE...sweet and sultry!! Very seductive!

2:03 AM, January 10th, 2016
Oh what a night!
Very seductive voice he has! He is a catch for sure! If I could just steal him away for a night! Those arms! (Don't get upset at us O'Shea. We are just secret admirers!)

2:17 AM, January 10th, 2016
Professor Mike
True Indeed

2:25 AM, January 10th, 2016
Ha Ha
Ha ha ha!! Hope you are not getting jealous Professor Mike. I'm sure you have your secret admirers!!

2:39 AM, January 10th, 2016
Re-listening to Caravan of Love. (Great song)

6:24 AM, January 15th, 2016