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Lost In Bass
Tuesday September 17th, 2019 with T-23
Episode 197: RAWMoments with PAOLO ROCCO & SCHNIEDISKU

Starting out with some classic MARTIN VILLENEUVE ahead of his appearance at the next PHUNK with BRINK and SEAN VINCENT at MERCURY LOUNGE: The we finally get to play the title track from the magnificent B RUNNER four tracker from UPPER REGIONS to help clear out those aural speedways before we get deep with PAOLO ROCCO ahead of RAWMoments at MERCURY LOUNGE this FRIDAY: Then we head over to FRANCE with our special guest SCHNEIDISKU who brings us some Romanian inspired minimal house vibes in a very appropriate opener set.
Let Me See You Move (Cormier Remix)
Martin Villeneuve - Let Me See You Move - Shibiza Recordings Canadian
B Runner (Original Mix)
Upper Regions - B Runner - Spliced Vinyl Recordings Canadian New
SCHNIEDISKU (Ac-cre-tion LIve MIx)
PAOLO ROCCO B2B LESSI S. (Rawmoments Live Mix)
Interactive CKCU