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Lost In Bass
Tuesday September 10th, 2019 with T-23

Starting this weeks show off with a couple of great tracks, the first is the latest from RETURN OF THE JADED and it's called ACID BABY, pre-order on Beatport is available for release next week: Then we have something from ABE VAN DAM's new 7 tracker album on RED CHANNEL RECORDS out of Montreal. This bit of Dark Techno gets me everytime and we will have ABE back next week to explore more of this great work: Then we are into the mix part of the show with a set from GENE FARRIS ahead of the next WHITE RABBIT this SATURDAY at CITY AT NIGHT with BALU and RICK LAPLANTE: And in case you missed RUTH GRADER's debut at EXPOSE NOIR last week, no worries we have his amazing opening set for you:
Acid Baby (Original Mix)
Return of the Jaded - Acid Baby EP - Sink or Swim Canadian New
Good Times (Original Mix)
Abe Van Dam - Heavy - Red Channel Records Canadian New
GENE FARRIS (HI Ibiza Bodyworks)
RUTH GRADER (Expose Noir Set)
Interactive CKCU
Thank you so much BB

11:42 AM, September 10th, 2019
Caught the replay today. Nice show, Andrew. Thanks for the support!

1:57 PM, September 10th, 2019
Andrew Pakuts (host)
My pleasure ! Abe .. congratulations on your new works :)

12:55 PM, September 11th, 2019
Andrew Pakuts (host)
Good to hear Ruth ! So happy you shared this set with us :)

12:56 PM, September 11th, 2019