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Lost In Bass
Tuesday July 19th, 2016 with T-23
Episode 35: TECHNO with MUNFELL, CARLBEATS, DEEP HOUSE with JOHN PALMS and SEAN VINCENT finishing off with HARD TECHNO to DISCO with me T-23

This weeks show ALL EXCLUSIVE SETS starting off in Arizona with MUNFELL label boss of CATAMOUNT RECORDINGS followed by CARLBEATS and JOHN PALMS repping STUDIO ON THE ROCK. After that we are back to our hometown with none other than Sean Vincent. Sean is one of those charismatic multitalented individuals who always delivers and amazing array of music and another local who isn’t afraid to throw out the genre filters and just play what he feels, this always translates into some magical moments on the dance floor.
Munfell (Guest Mix) - Catamount Recordings
CarlBeats (Guest Mix) - Vortex Recordings
John Palms (Guest Mix) - Studio on the Rock
Sean Vincent (Guest Mix)
T-23 (All Vinyl Hard Techno to Disco)
Interactive CKCU
Elorious Cain
good show

4:41 AM, July 19th, 2016
Andrew Pakuts (host)
Thanks and Good Morning !

6:14 AM, July 19th, 2016
Sean Vincent
Shout out to the CKCU audience! Much love.

8:44 PM, July 25th, 2016