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Lost In Bass
Tuesday July 12th, 2016 with T-23
Episode 34: AARON POOL, DEEP FRIED, SYVYL, rounding out with T-23 and some CLASSIC HOUSE WAX and the NEW APHEX TWIN

This episode features artists from Germany, Montreal, and our very own Ottawa starting with a some seriously good tech house all the way from Germany with AARON POOL, then it’s off to Montreal with the duo DEEP FRIED, and then another great set from SYVVL followed by a crate digging that brings me back 20 years with some classic house wax from myself followed by the new APHEX TWIN EP released this week.
AARON POOL (Guest Mix)
DEEP FRIED (Guest Mix)
SYVYL (Guest Mix)
T-23 (Classic House Vinyl Mix)
Interactive CKCU
Shelley Ann Morris
Good morning T-23, Great show for a lovely warm summer morning.

5:22 AM, July 12th, 2016
Andrew Pakuts (host)
Good morning Shelley ! :)

6:50 AM, July 12th, 2016