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Friday October 20th, 2023 with Candace
Overflowing With New Music

Penny Diving - Dirty Pets EP - Independent - 2023 Canadian New
Paper Boat
Kay Odyssey - Single - Independent - 2023 New
IDLES - TANGK - Partisan - 2023 New
The Spark
Elephant Stone - Back Into The Dream - Elephants On Parade/Fuzz Club - 2023 Canadian New
Goat - Medicine - Rocket Recordings - 2023 New
Drop Of Kerosene
Seablite - Lemon Lights - Mt.St.Mtn - 2023 New
School Disco - Denton Rock - Copper Feast/Krautpop! - 2023 New
Ball - Single - Subliminal Sounds - 2023 New
Time Flies Part I
The Heavy Minds - Beyond Gloom - StoneFree - 2023 New
Place And Time
Mary Vision - Second Second Coming - Taxi Gauche - 2023 New
Out Of Time
Sugar Tradition - More Sugar - Feel It - 2023 New
Interactive CKCU
Dick Altavista
Whee from the far left coast

4:00 PM, October 20th, 2023

4:02 PM, October 20th, 2023
Candace Nelson (host)
heya fellas!!

4:04 PM, October 20th, 2023
Heavy Ben
Sweet Goat!

4:17 PM, October 20th, 2023
Candace Nelson (host)
Hiya Heavy Ben! It is really good Goat! Super sweet hehe

4:20 PM, October 20th, 2023
Chris White
I'm enjoying the show, Candace... rock on!

4:30 PM, October 20th, 2023
Candace Nelson (host)
thanks Chris rock n roll forevaaaaa!

4:32 PM, October 20th, 2023
Candace Nelson (host)

4:35 PM, October 20th, 2023
40 minutes of C-shop loud has cured my headache. Thanks Dr C!

4:38 PM, October 20th, 2023
Bobby Calzone
Hey hey! Ho ho! Its me! Im listening ! Thank you for acknowledging not always easy "getting over to the interface". Im pretty much always listening to your show. But on Fm radio. And here in the Woods, not always good cell signal. I plan to spread pledge to all my favorite shows, including yours. I figure between me and hillbilly, we can cover the funding drive total:):):)

4:40 PM, October 20th, 2023
Candace Nelson (host)
hiya James and Bobby, I appreciate you both!!

4:51 PM, October 20th, 2023
Dick Altavista
Great show. You can count on my donation!!

4:52 PM, October 20th, 2023