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Friday April 7th, 2023 with Candace
Spring Stew

Priors - Daffodil - Mothland - 2023 Canadian New
Cuff Love
Bratboy - Bratworld - Independent - 2023 Canadian New
Dust - Et Cetera, Etc - Kanine - 2023 New
Weasel Breath
Dez Dare - Critical Mind Dump EP - Six Tonnes De Chair - 2023 New
Dez Dare - Perseus War - CH!MP - 2023 New
FRANKIIE - Between Dreams - Paper Bag - 2023 Canadian New
better know better (bahloone edit)
Lammping - Better Know Better - Independent - 2023 Canadian New
Amerikan Bear - DREAMS - Independent - 2023 New
All That Is Not Of Me
Death Valley Girls - Islands In The Sky - Suicide Squeeze - 2023 New
Pash Rash
Surprise Chef - 12" Friendship EP - Big Crown - 2023 New
Canım Oy
Altin Gün - Aşk - ATO - 2023 New
Premier du Matin
Yalla Miku - Yalla Miku - Les Disques Bongo Joe - 2023 New
Pluto Baby
Debby Friday - Good Luck - Sub Pop - 2023 Canadian New
Purple Grit
Pretty Lightning - Dust Moves - Fuzz Club - 2022
Interactive CKCU
Candace Nelson (host)

4:06 PM, April 7th, 2023
Ensign (smol) Pecknclaw
We are hens and roosters aboard the SS ChickenSeeker and we listen to Candyshop on the satellite feed when we aren't on duty.

4:14 PM, April 7th, 2023
Candace Nelson (host)
right on Ensign (smol) Pecknclaw, bawkbawkRAWK to you! thanks for listening!

4:15 PM, April 7th, 2023
Dick Altavista
Wheee! From the far left coast.

4:27 PM, April 7th, 2023
Candace Nelson (host)
Heyheyho Dick Altavista!

4:28 PM, April 7th, 2023
Candace Nelson (host)
hahaha ole fumblepaws yeesh!

4:32 PM, April 7th, 2023
Power on!! 4:00k!!! Electric Candy!!!!! Earphones stuck to my head...had em grafted in!!! 1 station on!!;-)

4:39 PM, April 7th, 2023
Candace Nelson (host)
hillbilly party!!

4:40 PM, April 7th, 2023
Bobby Calzone
Free Range Bob, just flew the coop!

4:51 PM, April 7th, 2023
Candace Nelson (host)
fly free Bobby!!

4:55 PM, April 7th, 2023
thanks for listening, have a super weekend!

5:00 PM, April 7th, 2023
Egg-Painters Guild, Union Local 282
@CandyCityCat: Any room for some painted eggs in your shop? They aren't "candy" but they are hard-boiled an colourful. No expiry date, they stay good forever. -[mark as spam]- -[reply]- -{delete]- -[other]-

5:07 PM, April 7th, 2023
Got a local Sister makes chocolate, "special" ones... they put Humpty back up high on the wall!;-)

5:26 PM, April 7th, 2023