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Friday July 14th, 2017 with Candace
Rollin Rockin

Loose Lips
Menthols - Michigan Works - UFO Dictator Records - 2010
Subsonics - In The Black Spot - Sloveny - 2012
Je Fait Le Robot
Les Météores - Crème Glacée - Lucky 7 Records - 2000 Canadian
I Work Hard
Mr. Airplane Man - The Lost Tapes - Independent - 2014/1999
The Makers - Hunger - Estrus - 1997
Germ House - Showing Symptoms - Trouble In Mind - 2014
Two In One
The Aversions - The Aversions - Die In Style - 2003 Canadian
Killing Your Vibe
Bang Bang Babies - 7" EP - Mandinga Records - 2014
It's Your Time
B-17 - Goodbye - Optical Sounds - 2016 Canadian
Night Shift
Instant Smile - single - Independent - 2017 New
Uneasy Feeling
The Switching Yard - K-2 s/w TBWNIAS - Klassiks Go Disko - 2017 Canadian New
Sunglaciers - Moving In Darkness EP - Independent - 2017 Canadian New
33 Floors Up
The Radiation Flowers - 12" s/w Hawkeyes - Cardinal Fuzz/Sunmask - 2017 Canadian New
Whirling Past
Couleur Dessin - Couleur Dessin - Fixture Records - 2017 Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
Candace Nelson (host)
heya Happy Friday!!!! <3

4:00 PM, July 14th, 2017
Shelley Ann Morris
it's a Candace marathon! Yay! Listening in today! Heard 'Window' and it sounded great.

4:05 PM, July 14th, 2017
Candace Nelson (host)
Hi Shelley Ann! Thanks so much! Hey, I got a job! haha woooo!

4:07 PM, July 14th, 2017
Shelley Ann Morris
Yaaaaaaay!!!!! I KNEW you would succeed!!!! The Haig is going out on tour--SOMEONE i know was pretty pumped up about that when I saw him yesterday.

4:11 PM, July 14th, 2017
Candace Nelson (host)
I saw their numerous events on FB, that's AWESOME! And guess what....I'm pretty sure The Haig is going to play a Candyshop Fundraiser show in October/November for CKCU funding drive wheee!

4:14 PM, July 14th, 2017
Shelley Ann Morris
OOOOOHHHH that's cool. My Folk Music Ontario conference is from Oct 19-22 so I will be out of town. I hope it's during the second funding drive week but it may depend on scheduling. Yes, they certainly have been woven into the CKCU family.

4:22 PM, July 14th, 2017
Just joined in a bit ago, after some errands. Rockin' show emanating, 'natch!! "More Candice than is normal, or even sane" q;^)

4:40 PM, July 14th, 2017
Candace Nelson (host)
hahaha!!!! Hi PeterB, thanks for tuning in! Candy overload!

4:42 PM, July 14th, 2017