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Friday December 25th, 2015 with Candace
Happy Christmas! <3

Horizon's Gone
Public Animal - 12" Rock and Roll!!! s/w Napalmpom - Teenage Rampage Records (2015) Canadian New
Blow'n My Mind
Armando - 7" - Riviera Records (1976)
Wake Up
The Minor 9s - The Minor 9s - Independent (2015) Canadian New
Sunken Mountains
Nightwood - Carta Marina - Independent (2009) Canadian
Around And Through
Dead Ghosts - Love And Death And All The Rest - Burger Records (2015) Canadian New
White Noise
Nots - We Are Nots - Goner Records (2014)
I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You * Ramones
The Dishrags - Love/Hate - Other Peoples Music (1997) Canadian
Get Used To It
Neck - Hate To Read - Uncle D (2015) Canadian New
Rocky Mountain High
Dead Meadow - Dead Meadow - XEMU Records (2000/2006)
The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol - Masters Of The Molehill - Cardinal Fuzz/Birdman Sound (2015) Canadian New
Diamond Cutter Of The Jagged Mountain
Prana Crafter - Rupture Of Planes - Deep Water Acres (2015) New
Covers And Shells
Juleah - Melt Inside The Sun - Konkord Records (2015)
I'll Keep On Holding On
The Detroit Cobras - Mink Rat Or Rabbit - Sympathy For The Record Industry (1998)
Dark Night
The Radiation Flowers - The Radiation Flowers - Independent (2015) Canadian New
Mountain Of Fires & Miracles
Sun Dial - Mind Control - Tangerine (2012)
Interactive CKCU
Candace Nelson (host)
hey hey Happy Christmas and Merry Friday!!!

4:06 PM, December 25th, 2015
mike P.
I love Public animal after discovering them at The Dom. Right in front of my face in Toronto the whole time! Really gotta get out to more shows. Thanks Candace! Happy Merry Christmas Friday to you!

4:15 PM, December 25th, 2015
Candace Nelson (host)
Thanks for always tuning in Mike P!!!! Have a wonderful day!

4:16 PM, December 25th, 2015
Candace Nelson (host)
that show at the Dom was AMAZING!

4:18 PM, December 25th, 2015
mike P.
Hot late fall music night in Ottawa!

4:21 PM, December 25th, 2015
Candace Nelson (host)
hot hot hot

4:29 PM, December 25th, 2015
I think I'm tripping right now.

4:50 PM, December 25th, 2015
You seized the moment Candace, appearing for your 1st Dec. 25th show. Congratulations!

4:52 PM, December 25th, 2015
Candace Nelson (host)
haha Hi Russ, Merry Ho Ho

4:53 PM, December 25th, 2015
Candace Nelson (host)
thanks Mike! <3

4:53 PM, December 25th, 2015
Candace Nelson (host)
super fun Christmas show, thanks Melissa!

12:20 AM, December 26th, 2015
Had a Blast cousin Candance

12:48 PM, December 27th, 2015
Loved the Prana Crafter track, I'll have to check out that album!

11:33 AM, December 28th, 2015
Candace Nelson (host)
thanks James! here is Prana Crafter on bandcamp! >>>

12:50 PM, December 29th, 2015

3:21 PM, January 2nd, 2016