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The Filibuster
Monday November 21st, 2022 with Ben James, Brendan McLoughlin
It is what it is

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Interactive CKCU
Bruce White
Maybe before going on air, you should research the contents of your intro (e.g. the correct title of Mr. Xi). Being unprepared with a few basic facts undermines the value of your 'informed' opinion. I tuned out and went to CKCU On Demand to listen to something else.

9:34 AM, November 21st, 2022
FiliB Research Dept (Supreme Chair)
Xi Jinping: has been called, "Chairman Of Everything" (12 titles currently held & mentioned). Main ones: 1. President, General Secretary, 2. Chair National Security Commission &/or 3. Central Military Commission. Further Titles on request. Too tedious to continue for free!!!;-) He is now the most powerful Politician in the world. IMO.

11:08 AM, November 21st, 2022
Suoreme Mom Chair
"Supreme Chair" is actually a "Lazy Boy"! (He does not know u guys so u are lucky!!!)

11:13 AM, November 21st, 2022