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The Filibuster
Monday November 14th, 2022 with Ben James, Brendan McLoughlin
Communicate... with disruption

lots of topics covered. midterms buzz settling down, disruptive protests. are they actually getting their message across or is their point lost on us?
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Interactive CKCU
HB Report:-) Constitution: No/never.(Meech L. failing was a tradgedy). Health Care: needs reset big time...Fed/ Provs table. They pick chair...(not PM!) Problem = Profit drain. eg. "Assistive Devices"...huge $$$ ripoff & why do Hosp. 1st floors look like Shopping Centres? Protest!!? Always!!! union's all about getting attention & embarrassing Power. Transgender Shop Teacher: Achieved his Protest objective big time. They was sure in their "Cups" tho....ΒΆ;-) You guys are good. Your take on "Convoy Collective" was's complicated but important to look matters.... Thanks for your work! 10 years!! Oh, thanks for shoutout! I'm flattered. I believe in the beauty of's our last hope it's where we started...

11:14 AM, November 14th, 2022
HB's Mom!
Fot G's sake - don't encourage him! he has to stop drinking his product & get a real job!!!

11:17 AM, November 14th, 2022