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Monday March 29th, 2010 with Chris Ikonomopoulos
German Blow Out in honour of this weeks straight from Berlin special guests Karina and Christian!

An hour of German and German related music. All proper pronunciations provided by Ottawa ex-pat now living in Berlin Karina and Munster born husband Christian.
Medley: Silver Machine / Children of the Revolution / School's out
James Last - Non-Stop Dancing 1973 - 1973 - Polydor
Roll your eyes if you need to at the thought of James Last on CKCU but none of us can deny that his medley of Hawkwind's Silver Machine, T-Rex's Children of the Revolution and Alice Cooper's School's out is pretty great. Not sure where the song choice for this medley to start of Side A came from but we all win as a result.
Horst Wende & His Accordion Band - Hits a la Carte - Polydor
An instrumental accordion version of Tommy Roe's classic Dizzy!
Wo Ist Zu Hauser Mama
Johnny Cash - V/A - Really! They Sing In German? Vol 2 - 1996
Stein Umstein
Vierzehn - -
I can honestly say that I don't really like Pink Floyd past the first two LPs and I don't need to ever hear anything off of The Wall for the rest of my life but the novelty of Another Brick in the Wall sung in German sure does go a long way.
Hatschi Waldera
Nina Hagen & Fritzens Dampferband - Was Den - Hits 1974 - 1995 - 1996 - Amiga
Supermax - World of Today - 1977 - WEA
Pocket Calculator
Kraftwerk - Computer World - 1981 - WEA
Electric Boogie Boots
Cheeky - 45 - 1983 - EMI
Thanks to Mr. Caffery for lending this one out. Pre-teen rapping in an electro stylee never sounded so good. Self proclaimed as Germany's first scratch and break record as well.
WestBam - 12" - No More Fucking Rock N' Roll - Who's That Beat
Straight from Berlin special guest Christian provides some background on the name Westbam letting us all know that Westbam is a shortened version of his original nickname, which he received in honor of his place of birth Westphalia, and his biggest musical influence, Afrika Bambaataa. Let us always appreciate the impact of Afrika Bambaataa around the world.
Rapper's Deutsch
G.L.S United - - - 1980
Der Hund Der Baskerville
Cindy and Bert - -
Black Sabbath's Paranoid getting the German treatment by Cindy and Bert and remaining as heavy as the original.
Kreator - Extreme Aggression - 1989 - Epic
Da Da Da (German Version)
Trio - 45 - 1982 - Mercury