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Off The Charts
Monday March 23rd, 2020 with Chris Ikonomopoulos
Remote Funk. Away from the Booth but still in your ears.

Let's see if we can pass the funk along as CKCU sorts out some strategies for keeping the music coming at you. Mystery playlist for now but give a listen!
There are no tracks in this playlist.
Interactive CKCU
Jas Nasty
Sounding good. Thank you

4:19 PM, March 23rd, 2020
Chris Ikonomopoulos (host)
Thanks. Must admit, it's an older program that was on-air a while back. Testing out the upload process now but look to program's All Playlists section for freshly produced shows uploaded directly to on-demand. I'll have a fresh, never before heard show uploaded here by next Monday at 4pm!

4:24 PM, March 23rd, 2020
DJ Daisy
I listened too. It was nice to hear your voice.

7:35 PM, March 23rd, 2020
Chris Ikonomopoulos (host)

8:00 PM, March 23rd, 2020
Elorious Cain
Lot's of fun!

8:06 PM, March 28th, 2020