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The Oort Cloud
Friday March 6th, 2020 with John and DJ Jason Skilz
Special co-host show w/ DJ Jason Skilz! Possible Worlds Kickstarter Campaign

Possible Worlds: A Local Art and Music Space Re-Imagined - Kickstarter Campaign ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Diesquad
Ceramic Hello - The Absence Of A Canary Canadian
Rock With You
Two Men Laughing - Rock With You Canadian
Taxi Music
Cabaret Voltaire - Johnny YesNo: The Original Soundtrack From The Motion Picture
Mass Dreams Of The Future
Untold - Mass Dreams Of The Future - RNS
Torn Hawk - Wormquest
Parade Ground - The Golden Years - Dark Entries
Atmosphare 1
Ursula Bogner - Recordings 1969-1988 - Faitiche
US Invasion
Pension Stammheim - US Invasion
Machine Muzik
Lou Champagne System - No Visible Means
Autumn - Synthesize
Laughing Of A Madman
Autumn - Synthesize
Hands In The Dark
Dark Day - Hands In The Dark
Manufacturing Process
Yasuyuki Uesugi - Modern Age - Low Noise Productions
Interactive CKCU
Jason Skilz
big thanks to Johnny for having me on the show!

5:39 PM, March 6th, 2020