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The Oort Cloud
Friday December 28th, 2018 with The Moog Man
Far-Out Fri-Daze #22: Merry woofmas

Highway Robbery - For Love Or Money
I'm Watching You
The Monks - Hamburg Recordings 1967
It Came On A Sunday
Writing On The Wall - Power Of The Picts
Iron Claw - s/t
Chasing Paper
Organ Eyes - Chasing Paper Canadian
Pith - Tahiti Canadian
Komissars - Something Pale Canadian
I Like New People
WLMRT - Lube 2 Canadian New
Shoot Your Shot
Divine - Shoot Your Shot
Tonttujen Jouluyö
Kellarissa - Lumihankala Canadian
Diamond Diary
Tangerine Dream - Thief
Interactive CKCU