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The Oort Cloud
Friday October 6th, 2017 with The Moog Man
Modular Fridayz #3: 70s electronic dance music to start off the weekend, plus some other things you might enjoy ;)

Lonely Parade - Pentagon Black Compilation Canadian
The soft machine
Mutator - Night Vision Canadian
Automat - Automat
Dust - Hard Attack
Neon - Tapes Of Darkness
Bone Dry
Grime Kings - <single> Canadian
Carry On, Turn Me On
Space - Magic Fly
Aurora Spinray
Syrinx - Long Lost Relatives Canadian
The culture we invest in
Linsey Wellman - Manifesto Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Frank Smith
Well, this super trippy music is just what the doctor ordered on a Friday! Keep it going Moog Man!

3:18 PM, October 6th, 2017
John Peippo (host)
Thanks for tuning in Frank! and will do!

3:22 PM, October 6th, 2017
Which song is M Bell on?

3:38 PM, October 6th, 2017
John Peippo (host)
That would be Dust - Suicide. And thanks for listening Gilles!

3:48 PM, October 6th, 2017
Elorious Cain
Great show!

3:52 PM, October 6th, 2017
John Peippo (host)
Thanks Elorious!

5:45 PM, October 6th, 2017