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The Oort Cloud
Monday December 19th, 2016 with The Moog Man
Final Show Special: The Oort Cloud takes off for space! Farewell faithful listeners and Earthlings!

Ride The Sky
Lucifer's Friend - s/t
Party All The Time
Eddie Murphy - How Could It Be
Seasons Of Change Part 1
Blackfeather - At The Mountains Of Madness
Tong Poo
Yellow Magic Orchestra - s/t
Rïah Sahïltaahk
Magma - 1.001 Centigrades
Burundi Black (1re Partie)
Burundi Steïphenson Black - Burundi Black 7"
Desert Dream (excerpt)
Tangerine Dream - Encore
В Движении (On The Move)
А. Устин - Ритмическая Гимнастика (Aerobic Exercises)
Rocket Number Nine Take Off For Planet Venus
Sun Ra And His Myth Science Arkestra - Interstellar Spaceways
Robert Wyatt - Old Rottenhat
Interactive CKCU
Rah Rah RA!! Not so sure about all this exercise though... ;^)

11:45 AM, December 19th, 2016
Oh dear! Last show... Hope to hear ya back again some day. :-/

11:50 AM, December 19th, 2016
John Peippo (host)
Thanks Peter! And thanks for all your support! Yeah hopefully I shall return in 6 months and the first thing I'll do is become a volunteer for CKCU again

11:55 AM, December 19th, 2016