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The Oort Cloud
Monday October 26th, 2015 with John "The Moog Man"
The Modular Monday Morning #5: Funding Drive Time! For love or money..

A Friend Of Mine
Fields - s/t
Highway Robbery - For Love Or Money
Saving It Up For So Long
Samuari - s/t
The New Flesh
Archery Guild - Manitòk Canadian
Akritas - s/t
Born Again Cretin
Robert Wyatt - Nothing Can Stop Us - Rough Trade
Devo - Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! - Warner Bros. Records
Destrier Destroyer
FET.NAT - Poule Mange Poule Canadian
Say Hi
Pith and The Parenchymas - Song of the Neverending Ugly Lizard Canadian
As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still
Soft Machine - The Soft Machine - Hör Zu Black Label, Probe
Love Time Rain
Emtidi - Saat - Ohr Canadian
The Residents - Duck Stab/Buster & Glen
The Booker Tease
The Residents - Duck Stab/Buster & Glen
Yello - Solid Pleasure - Ralph Records
Kraftwerk - Exceller 8 - Mercury
I'll Come Running
Brian Eno - Another Green World - EMI
Behind The Mask
Yellow Magic Orchestra - X∞Multiplies - A&M Records
Ringing in The Sane
Ceramic Hello - The Absence of a Canary - Suction Records Canadian
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John Peippo (host)
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11:12 AM, October 26th, 2015