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The Oort Cloud
Monday August 31st, 2015 with DJ DesTrois filling in for John P

Today it: *May contain traces of post punk, industrial, no wave and odd-ball electronica
SweetHome Under White Clouds
Virgin Prunes - If I Die I Die - Sire / Rough Trade (1982)
Mother Whale Eyeless
(Brian) Eno - Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) - Editions EG (1974)
The First Empire
Scattered Clouds - The First Empire - E-Tron Canadian New
Bad Sex
Hey Mother Death - Highway - Paper Bag Canadian New
Don't F**k A Gift Horse In The Mouth
Fresh Snow - Won - Hand Drawn Dracula Canadian New
Coil - Horse Rotorvator - Force & Form /K.422 (1986)
Basta Cornuto!
M. Mucci - Don't Be Afraid - The Tall House Recording Co. Canadian New
Tomorrow It Should Be Fine
H. De Heutz - 7" - Black Bough (2014) Canadian
...the rest of the playlist/show is over at the next show (Nothing To See Hear), after the BBC newz.... you're gonna wanna check it ...Liquid Liquid, Ruby Karinto, Blue Canary....
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