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Wednesday July 8th, 2020 with Arjun
Today's episode... filling a void somewhere

Regular mix this week. Today's episode includes a basement session from Radiohead. Also on the program, a favorite, Japanese DJ, Nujabes. Ten years ago, Nujabes (real name Jun Seba) was involved in a car accident. This happened on February 26, 2010, he was 36 (RIP). (Update: early upload of this weeks episode coming soon! Due to an unfortunate tangle between some roofers and the stations tower antenna, there will be no FM broadcast of this weeks episode. Until that's fixed, listen to this episode via our live web stream. All you have to do is click "Listen Live" on our homepage, and you will be able to listen to the station online. You can also listen to this weeks episode, as well as others, on demand). 2nd update: The on demand version of the episode is up! Happy listening! -- Show prep: The Reunion: Bit of a harsh review. Personally, it was so-so:
Radiohead - In Rainbows From the Basement (Recorded at The Hospital Club, London in April 2008)


Weird Fishes / Arpeggi
15 Step
The Gloaming
House of Cards
Bangers + Mash
00:49:33 Where I End And You Begin
00:54:59 All I Need
00:59:17 Go Slowly
After Midnight
Skinshape - Filoxiny
I Didn't Know
Skinshape - Filoxiny
Skinshape - Filoxiny
Skinshape - Filoxiny
Skinshape - Filoxiny
Life As One
Skinshape - Filoxiny
We Lose
Skinshape - Filoxiny
Skinshape - Filoxiny
The Nujabes Compilation (Jazzhop & Chillhop Mix)


[Mix Tracklist]

Nujabes - Feather
Nujabes - Counting Stars
Nujabes - Lady Brown (feat. Cise Starr)
Nujabes - Rainy Day (Rare)
Nujabes - Ordinary Joe (feat. Terry Callier)
Thomas Prime - Spirited Beginning (Nujabes Tribute)
Nujabes - Battlecry
Nujabes ~ Shiki No Uta ~Ft Fat Jon & MINMI
Flavors - Samurai (nujabes tribute)
Nujabes - Kumomi
Nujabes - Prayer
Nujabes - Reflection Eternal
Nujabes - Another Reflection
Witness - Hope Springs Eternal [Nujabes Tribute]
Nujabes - Horizon
Engelwood - Nujabes christmas party
Tsurugi No Mai - Nujabes
Distant.lo - Beauty (Nujabes Tribute)

From YouTube channel Cozy

"A compilation of my favorite Nujabes tracks and Tribute tracks, he inspired many people while living and his legacy and music continue to inspire.

Rest In Beats man, I miss you."
Nujabes - Luv(sic) [ft. Shing02] ALL PARTS (1-6)


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6 (Grand Finale)
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