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Wednesday December 18th, 2019 with Arjun + Vikram
Today's episode... the Eastern Hemisphere gets bright when it gets dark here

True story. ...... What's this? A guest host? A rarity at RMV. That's right, my brother Vikram will be co-hosting with me, a little sibling luv for the holidays.
The Only One
The Black Keys - Brothers
Ver (11 am Mix)
Clarian - Mission To Bars
Digital Love
Daft Punk - Discovery
Elita - Sick Girl
He Doesn't Know Why
Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes
Tell Me Lies
The Black Keys - Let's Rock
Walk Across The Water
The Black Keys - Let's Rock
Riot - Born In America

Side one

"Born in America" - 4:07
"You Burn in Me" - 3:40
"Wings of Fire" - 4:39
"Running from the Law" - 4:24
"Devil Woman" - 4:01 (Cliff Richard cover)

Side two

"Vigilante Killer" - 3:02
"Heavy Metal Machine" - 3:37
"Where Soldiers Rule" - 3:45
"Gunfighter" - 4:27
"Promised Land" - 3:55
Czech / Slovak contemporary folk music playlist
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