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Monday August 30th, 2021 with Erik Stolpmann
This week's directions /​/​ rendezvous with electropop artist ISØBEL /​/​ discover new local tunes from Tiah Aske, MyHill + Hollow River /​/​ + much more!

⬇️Now approaching: CURIOCITY on CKCU
In The Stone
The Goon Sax - Mirror II
| "Gritty synths and pulsing drum machines deliver dark, danceable electropop."
Infinity Pools
ISØBEL - Infinity Pools Canadian
Hustle Rose
ISØBEL - Hustle Rose Canadian
Psycho Killer (Live)
Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense Canadian New
Time Bomb
ISØBEL - Time Bomb Canadian
Dead Disco
Metric - Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? Canadian
Thin Growing Thing
Pure Bathing Culture - Night Pass
|| DETOUR with Adam Ferris
| Start off with a live performance from Adam Ferris (via Arthouse Café)
| Discover tunes from Class of 91 (Ottawa) and The Vines (Australia)
Like A Man (Live at Arthouse Café)
Adam Ferris - Like A Man (Live at Arthouse Café) Canadian New
This is Magic
Class of 91 - Eyes on Fire Canadian
Take Me Back
The Vines - Vision Valley
|| Head down OTTAWAY
| New tunes from Tiah Akse, MyHill and Hollow River
| Finish off with a live performance from Slack Bridges (via Live On Elgin!)
Looks Like Rain
Tiah Akse - Voice Memos Canadian New
When It Hits
MyHill - Easy Listening Canadian New
Hollow River - September Canadian New
📍You have reached your DESTINATION
Jungle (Live at Live On Elgin!)
Slack Bridges - Jungle (Live at Live On Elgin!) Canadian New
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