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Monday October 19th, 2020 with Erik Stolpmann
Get curious about POPAGANDA by Doug & The Slugs and some fresh Ottawa tunes!

The annual CKCU Funding Drive begins on October 23 – keep that radio turned all the way up!
Turn Up The Radio
Autograph - Sign In Please Canadian
Starting this week, I'll be sharing the sounds of my records and stories that come with them.
Today we get curious about side one of POPAGANDA by Doug & The Slugs, with some new tracks by local Ottawa artists to mix it up!
Dancing on the Powerlines
Doug & The Slugs - Popaganda Canadian
Love Shines
Doug & The Slugs - Popaganda Canadian
HemlockHotel - HemlockHotel Canadian New
Lost Cause
Paragon Cause - What We Started [European Edition] Canadian New
I'm the One
Doug & The Slugs - Popaganda Canadian
Doug & The Slugs - Popaganda Canadian
She Floats Like Dizzy Sunshine
Chris Page - Decide To Stay and Swim Again Canadian New
fake flowers
summersets - small town saturday Canadian New
Taking it DAY BY DAY with a new segment dedicated to songs for the socially distant.
How To Disappear Completely
Radiohead - Kid A
Stand Back
Stevie Nicks - The Wild Heart
The Great Unknown
Jukebox The Ghost - Jukebox The Ghost
Interactive CKCU
Cool program. Good spoken thoughts & tunes. Stay well & thanks!

10:53 AM, October 19th, 2020
h b
yea! Stevie!!

10:54 AM, October 19th, 2020