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Monday November 20th, 2017 with Erik Stolpmann
Get curious about the songs of Theme Songs (my first CKCU program)!

I'll be playing and discussing songs played from my first CKCU program, Theme Songs, which was started with my two former co-hosts, Michael Hanifi and Owen Maxwell. Each week, we each picked several songs to fit a particular "theme," and each week, we learned a little bit more about one another - and ourselves - through the music that we selected, respectively. It was a great introduction to CKCU for all of us, and allowed us to showcase not just our passion for music, but also our identities as creative individuals. Tune in and hear a shuffled selection of the sounds that defined Theme Songs and the three of us!
Mountain Top
Bedouin Soundclash - Light the Horizon Canadian
Passion Is Dead (Long Live Fashion)
Fevers - Passion is Dead Canadian
Twigs and Stones
Siskiyou - Keep Away the Dead Canadian
Wolf Like Me
TV On The Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain
Good As Gold
The Apache Relay - Apache Relay
Chamber of Reflection
Mac Demarco - Salad Days Canadian
Video Killed The Radio Star
Pomplamoose - Season Two
Toto - Isolation
Just Impolite
Plushgun - Pins & Paniers
A Love Song to the City
Kalle Mattson - Someday, The Moon Will Be Gold Canadian
Purple Heart
Imaginary Cities - Temporary Resident
White Foxes
Susanne Sundfler - The Silicone Veil
To The Lighthouse
Memoryhouse - The Years Canadian
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