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Monday March 27th, 2017 with Erik Stolpmann
Get curious about the 16th Community Record Show!

I had the great opportunity to chat with Ralph Alfonso (of Montreal's BBAM! Gallery) and CKCU's own David Aardvark about all things Ottawa Community Record Show! Record Show event page: BBAM! Gallery:
On Top
Hoops - On Top - Single New
Free Me
Paul Jones - My Way (Rarities)
Privilege (Set Me Free)
Patti Smith - Easter
I've Been a Bad, Bad Boy
Paul Jones - My Way (Rarities)
Last Call
Skinny Puppy - Bites - Nettwerk Canadian
Got It On The Dancefloor
Lemongrass - Papillon
It's Bad You Know
R.L. Burnside - Come On In
Interactive CKCU
Shelley Ann Morris
Hi Erik, Catching up and getting Curious on a Saturday morning. Your show theme sounds GREAT!!!!!

6:38 AM, April 1st, 2017