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Wednesday September 9th, 2015 with Erik "The Sound Surfer" Stolpmann
Gothic Skins

As dreadfully dark as they are wonderfully romantic, gothic rock artists emerged from a wave of the post-punk genre. Outside of some more prominent names, such as The Cure and Joy Division, gothic rock has incorporated a handful of artists who used their own dark, romanticized tones to shape the genre from then to now. Today, we look at the general history of the sub-genre and hear how it has flowed through music on an international, national and local (Ottawa) scale. Embrace your gothic skins and ride the dark, romantic waves with me! What is Gothic Rock? Canadian Bands - National Velvet National Velvet - "Nostalgia ain't what it used to be..." Masochistic Religion - Full band bio The Goth Bible Retro Action - Punk Goth Greats Peepshow (album) Neu-Goth! Goth revival? La Danse Macabre (Ottawa) Gothic Revival architecture Sedatives (band) CTZNSHP (band)
The Killing Jar
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Peepshow
Flesh Under Skin
National Velvet - National Velvet Canadian
Li'l Boys Play With dolls
The Lords of the New Church - The Lords of the New Church
Masochistic Religion - Sonic Revolution Evolve Canadian
The Last Beat of My Heart
DeVotchKa - Curse Your Little Heart
Love Will Tear Us Apart
Broken Social Scene - The Time Traveler's Wife OST Canadian
Cannot Calm Down
Sedatives - Sedatives Canadian
New Brave
Ctznshp - All Things to the Sea Canadian New
The Power & The Glory
White Lies - Ritual
Interactive CKCU