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Wednesday July 22nd, 2015 with Erik "The Sound Surfer" Stolpmann
Reach For The Ska

On this week's episode, the SKA is the limit! Plenty of great tracks from two Ottawa-based ska artists--Suits 'n Toques and The Sentries--as well as a history lesson in ska with more Canadian, reggae and mento jams. Reach for the ska with me as I "skank" through assorted music and mayhem from then to now and back again! 1) Suits 'n Toques (Bandcamp): 2) Introduction and History of Ska Music: 3) "What does 'skanking' mean?" (reddit): 4) Skanking, Lesson by Tony Verity (YouTube): 5) Operation Ivy reunite: 6) Operation Ivy (Wiki): 7) History of Ska: 8) The Jolly Boys (official site): 9) Sattalites (Wiki): 10) Reggae (Canadian Encyclopedia): 11) Furnaceface? Who the hell are they?: 12) Furnaceface (Wiki): 13) Ottawa Ska Syndicate: 14) Ottawa Ska Fest (2011 sampler): 15) Reel Big Fish (Wiki): 16) Reel Big Fish at Maverick's: 17) Reel Big Fish (bio): 18) 10 best ska-punk bands of the '90s:
Crossed Arms Furrowed Brows
Suits 'n Toques - Forno Canadian New
Freeze Up
Operation Ivy - Operation Ivy - Lookout / Hellcat
Tear It Up
The Planet Smashers feat. Motel Raphaƫl - Mixed Messages Canadian
River Come Down
The Jolly Boys - Pop n Mento
She Loves You
Sattalites - Sattalites - Solid Gold Canadian
Just Buy It
Furnaceface - Just Buy It - Skull Duggery / Cargo Canadian
Bad News
The Sentries - The Centuries Canadian
Take On Me
Reel Big Fish - Why Do They Rock So Hard? - Mojo / Jive
Johnny Go Ska
The Toasters - Thrill Me Up
California Chrome
Suits 'n Toques - Forno Canadian New
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