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Wednesday July 1st, 2015 with Erik "The Sound Surfer" Stolpmann
Celebrating the EHties (Part 2)

The country is in FULL NATIONAL SWING today! To go along with the Canadian trend, I will be surfing through what has made Canada Day--well, Canada Day--especially from the 80's and on. Accompanying music will be by artists who have performed at Parliament Hill years ago, and artists who will be performing the day of! (I'm also throwing in a few alternative tracks for those who may not want to catch the busy downtown festivities) | See you on the EHties airwaves! "Canada: This is My Home / On est chez nous" (song): Info and lyrics on "This is My Home": Ottawa Choral Society: Forgotten Dreams (album): Canada Day artists: Communicating in Canada's Past: ...Frames Canadian Identity: Politics of Canada Day: The Rovers (album): Kashtin (artist): Who The Hell Is... Francecso Yates: Caroll Baker (artist): Caroll Baker's last hurrah: Andee (artist): Forget Parliament Hill: Dominion Day: Winchester Warm (artist): Jamie Douglas (artist):
Canada: This is My Home / On est chez nous
In the Spotlight: A Creber Music Cabaret - -- Canadian
3 Utwory w dawnym stylu (3 Pieces in Old Style): No. 1.
Thirteen Strings (Henryk Gorecki, Paul Andreas Mahr) - Forgotten Dreams Canadian
Chasing the Light
Cassidy Mann - Blue Skies and Bright Eyes Canadian
The Jerry Cans - Aakuluk Canadian
Wasn't That a Party
The Irish Rovers - The Rovers Canadian
Suite from The Four Seasons, Op. 8: Summer: III. Presto
Canadian Brass - Vivaldi: The Four Seasons Canadian
Samian feat. Kashtin - Face à la musique Canadian
Changing of the Seasons
Carroll Baker - I'd Go Through It All Again Canadian
Bit O' Love
Andee - Black and White Heart Canadian New
This Old Fight
Winchester Warm - Belle Attente Canadian
Let's Dance
Jamie & Friends - -- Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Red Sonya
Happy Canaduh Daze :) Great song selections :)

11:16 AM, July 1st, 2015
Phelonius Friar
Neat remix of the Kashtin song! Great music choices and I really liked the discussion of Canada Day celebrations past versus present.

11:38 AM, July 1st, 2015
Erik Stolpmann (host)
Glad you guys liked them! I'm always trying to pick songs that match my discussion. :)

1:51 PM, July 2nd, 2015