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Sunrise Drift
Wednesday July 17th, 2019 with Harri
Burnt in Bermuda

Easy Tiger
Billy Rafoul - Easy Tiger - Single
I'll Forget You
Peter Bradley Adams - Leavetaking
Joshua Hyslop - Echos Canadian
Under My Skin
Peter Bradley Adams - Leavetaking
This Woman's Work
Greg Laswell - Covers - EP
Learning to Fly
William Fitzsimmons - Learning to Fly - Single
Acai Bowl
Dominic Fike - Acai Bowl - Single New
Here, Right Now
Joshua Radin - Here, Right Now - Single
Almost Gone
Justin Rutledge - East Canadian
How to Fly
Sticky Fingers - Caress Your Soul
Stranger Things Have Happened
Foo Fighters - Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
Busty and the Bass - GLAM
Hey, Ya!
Olivia Noelle - Hey Ya! - Single
Start Change Hero
The Heavy - The House That Dirt Built
Justin Ruteledge - Passages Canadian
Hanging on the Line
Matthew Barber - Phase of the Moon Canadian
Never Quit Loving you
Jill Barber - Chances Canadian
It Don't Matter
David Myles - Here Now - EP Canadian
I'm Lying to You Cause I'm Lost
The Paper Kites - twelvefour
Our Friend Bobby (Acoustic)
Donovon Woods - The Other Way Canadian
Say It Again
Joshua Hyslop - Echos Canadian
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