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NoisyYelly Music

NoisyYelly Music
Tuesday February 13th, 2018 with Phil
2018 Episode 4

U.R.R. Superheroes
Artificial Dissemination - Big Brother & the Dick Heads Canadian New
Short Elevated Period
Wire - Silver/Lead
Lets You and Him Fight
Them Wolves - German For Duke EP
The Gnarly Lows
Pretty Little Death Machine - Pretty Little Death Machine Canadian
Encephalon - We Only Love You When You're Dead Canadian
Tiny Tears
Godflesh - Streetcleaner
Uniform - Wake in Fright
Jars - No
Cut The Music (I'm The Nightstalker)
Unholy Two - Cut The Music (I'm The Nightstalker) 7"
Morast - Ancestral Void
Let's Hear It For Our School Orchestra
The Plan - Only These Movements Remain Canadian
New Jello
Maximillian Colby - Discography
Capes and Monocles
Monobrow - The Nacarat Canadian
Interactive CKCU