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Friday July 21st, 2023 with Mimsey Demon
New Samuel Echo track, Denis Chatterton, Far Too Loud, and Mimsey Demon mixes. Breaks, Bass, Electro, House, and more!

No talking tonight due to birds vs microphone issues. New track from local producer Samuel Echo! Long Mimsey Demon multigenre mix! Far Too Loud breaks set from 2017 Seville Winter Festival! Local DJ and producer Denis Chatterton mix, who sadly passed away a couple of weeks ago. Events - White Rabbit & City At Night Block Party Saturday, 7pm, Bank & Slater St Denis Chatterton -
Soul Silence
Samuel Echo - Soul Silence Canadian New
Scream At The Circuitry
Mimsey Demon - Scream At The Circuitry Canadian
Winter Festival 2017 Seville
Far Too Loud - Winter Festival 2017 Seville
Deep N Funky 02-17-15
Denis Chatterton - Deep N Funky 02-17-15 Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Sick to hear your mix while lightning flashes and thunder roars outside my open window..

2:13 AM, July 21st, 2023
WHOOOOOO.... Creeeeppy start Lovin' it. But a horizontal surface with a pillow callsl. So OmDement tamrawh. 'Keep it freeeekY '

2:18 AM, July 21st, 2023
Mimsey Demon (host)
Ha, yup, that's what On Demand is there for, my time slot works for me as a night person, but maybe not as well for my listeners. :P And the mix is one I made during the earlier days of pandemic lockdown, I'll get around to putting it online somewhere for download eventually.

4:05 AM, July 21st, 2023