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Friday July 14th, 2023 with Mimsey Demon
New tunes by Samuel Echo, Muzz, Antigen Shift, Jamie Bostron, and Funk Hunters! Psytrance, techno, and house mixes!

Tonight! A bunch of new tunes, including by local artists Samuel Echo and Antigen Shift! Infinite Improbability's psytrance set from Celebro Amicis! New Greg Gow techno mix! New Dasa house mix! This week's events - Friday - SOLSTICE - JULY 14th 10pm, City at Night, 222 Slater Street Saturday - Psyscream Parlour! 8pm, Cafe Dekcuf, 221 Rideau Street White Rabbit: Juno Award Winner GREG GOW, SyvyL, House of Wayne 9pm, City at Night, 222 Slater
Possess Myself
Samuel Echo - Possess Myself Canadian New
Extinction Event
Antigen Shift - Extinction Event Canadian New
La Puta Ama (EDDIE Remix)
The Funk Hunters & LŪN - La Puta Ama (EDDIE Remix) Canadian New
The Funk Hunters & Defunk - Freak Canadian New
Show Ya Love
Brian Brainstorm & Jamie Bostron - Show Ya Love New
F Minor Simulator
Muzz - F Minor Simulator New
Celebro Amicis Nox
Infinite Improbability - Celebro Amicis Nox Canadian New
This Is Modulations Studio Mix
Greg Gow - This Is Modulations Studio Mix Canadian New
Summer Solstice 2023
Dasa - Summer Solstice 2023 Canadian New
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