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Friday October 16th, 2015 with Mimsey Demon
Breaks, psytrance, drum & bass, funk, and more!

Tonight! Breaks, psytrance, drum & bass, funk, and more! This weekend's events worth checking out! And Mimsey Demon's political endorsement for Monday's election!
Lance Herbstrong - Meth Breakfast
Blunts & Robots
The Crystal Method - Divided By Night
A Dog Named Snuggles
Jacknife Lee - Muy Rico!
Backyard (Future Funk Squad Remix)
Beatman and Ludmilla - AYRA_023
Good Vibes
Ed Solo & Stickybuds - n/a Canadian New
Halcyon & On & On [Plejik Remix]
Orbital - n/a
Halloween Theme
Iszoloscope - n/a Canadian New
The WBmix (instrumental)
Wordburglar - Hand'solo Mixtape - Hokey Religions and Ancient Weapons Canadian
Euphoria 11 Promo Mix (2010)
Sarcastro - n/a Canadian
Hey Rocky, watch me pull a set out of my ass.
Mimsey Demon - n/a Canadian
Rockin The Decks With Sex Appeal
DJ Plush - n/a Canadian
The Funk Hunters - SHAMBHALA 2015 Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
Professor Mike
Great show

5:54 AM, October 16th, 2015