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Friday October 9th, 2015 with Mimsey Demon
Canadian Content multi-genre madness!

Tonight! A nothing but Canadian content night with styles ranging from hip hop to funk to industrial to trance, by artists from Nova Scotia to BC and everywhere in between! Brad Copeland's latest DJ mix! This week's event listings, including news of Hardcore Legend Mick Foley speaking at Yuk Yuks in a week!
I Got Soul (Smalltown Djs Remix)
Hai Karate Soul - Vol 3 Canadian
The Funk Hunters & Timothy Wisdom - Manmade Feature Funk Vol 7 Canadian
Funkanomical Boom
J-Roc - The Regrooved Series X Canadian
Turn Me On (Stickybuds Edit)
Dj Wood - Turn Me On Canadian
Backburner - Heatwave DJ Pack Canadian
Burn It Down
Backburner - Heatwave Canadian
Slept Through a Landslide
Noah 23 w/ Jesse Dangerously & Krista Muir - Rare Jems Canadian
Round Table
Toolshed Les Sj The Wordburglar and Savillion - The Lost Canadian
Safe No More
Jesse Dangerously feat. Wordburglar, Apt & More or Les - Verba Volant Canadian
Get Fresh (Fresh Kils' Electrocrunk Embellishment)
Jesse Dangerously - Verba Volant Canadian
Time & Space
More Or Les - Bigger On The Inside: A Time Traveller's Mixtape Canadian
Bigger On The Inside
More Or Les - Bigger On The Inside: A Time Traveller's Mixtape Canadian
Cyborgs on the Moon
Flight Distance ft. Escrol and Whitney Delion - High Priests of Low-Life Canadian
Sin City
Angerville ft. Evil Ebenezer & Snak the Ripper - Sin City Remix DJ Pack Canadian
Call Destro
Wordburglar - Welcome to Cobra Island Canadian
The Quota
The Extremities - The Quota DJ Pack Canadian
Jason's Jam
Funk Hunters w Wood n' Soo - n/a Canadian
Porn Funk
Mr. Bill & Stickybuds - The Collaborative Endeavors Canadian
Mercedes Benz (DJ Czech Remix)
Smalltown DJs - Volume 002 Rock Canadian
Protest (J-Roc remix)
Sould Out Dj's - n/a Canadian
If Life Was a Thing (Stickybuds Remix)
DJ Vadim Ft. Demolition Man - Dubcatcher Canadian New
Hard, But Fair
Mr. Bill & Stickybuds - n/a Canadian New
On My Radio (Stickybuds & Mr. Bill Remix)
Sun - n/a Canadian New
The Ritz
the funk hunters vs livingstone & canosis - n/a Canadian
Whole Lotta Drop
The Funk Hunters & Skiitour - Fully Loaded Vol 4 Canadian
Attack Jam
Wood N Soo - n/a Canadian
Nuff Respect
RCOLA - Lead The Way Canadian
Peyote (MDRN remix)
Stephan Jacobs & Run DMT - Pixeltopia Canadian New
Telekinetic Warriors
Intermix - Future Primitives Canadian
Terra Sapian
iVardensphere - Fable Canadian New
It Is As Blackness Is
iVardensphere - Fable Canadian New
Cracked Earth (Encephalon Remix
iVardensphere - n/a Canadian
Dark Matter
DJ Phoenix - The Path Forward Canadian New
Blood Rave
DJ Phoenix - The Path Forward Canadian New
Solar Wind
Criostasis_&_Tamerax - n/a Canadian New
Ghost In The Shell
T-Factor & Tamerax - n/a Canadian New
freq of nature
Monkey Machine - Upload Canadian New
bring the beats underground
Brad Copeland - n/a Canadian New
Interactive CKCU