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Electronic Meditation
Tuesday April 30th, 2019 with Sean McFee
Between / Peter Michael Hamel

Between was a German-based musical collective with writing ideas contributed mainly by Peter Michael Hamel (keys), Robert Eliscu (flute, oboe), and Roberto Détrée (string instruments). Eliscu also played with Popol Vuh for most of the 70s, and much of the best music of Between is evocative of the simple, meditative style of that group. The second half of the show is dedicated to solo music from Peter Michael Hamel, which goes even further in a contemplative/meditative direction.
Triumphzug Kaiser Maximilian I
Between - Einsteig
Barcelona Rain
Between - Einsteig
Happy Stage
Between - And the Waters Opened
Listen to the Light
Between - Dharana
The Voice of Silence
Peter Michael Hamel - The Voice of Silence
Peter Michael Hamel - Nada - Gingko
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