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Electronic Meditation
Tuesday April 23rd, 2019 with Sean McFee
Too many notes

Three great progressive rock releases from the last few years (2017/2018).
The opener tonight is Bubu, who were a great one-off group from Argentina with 1978's "Anabelas". Then out of the blue came the EP "Resplandor" in 2016 followed by this album in 2018. The only original member left is composer Daniel Andreoli. Bubu was highly lauded by collectors for marrying the familiar with the adventurous, some avant-garde or Zeuhlish elements along with a romantic sound similar to the Italian groups.
Bubu - El eco del sol - Viajero Inmovil
El eco del sol
Bubu - El eco del sol - Viajero Inmovil
One of the holy grail groups for the 1990s prog scene is Sweden's Änglagård, who released two stone cold classics in "Hybris" and "Epilog". They finally reunited circa 2012 for a third album, and some of the members have been active in other groups like Thieves' Kitchen. Bassist Johan Brand's new project is All Traps on Earth, which features vocals from his daughter, participation of Thieves' Kitchen's Phil Mercy on guitar, Thomas Johnson of Änglagård/Thieves' Kitchen on keys, and a few other luminaries. The music is definitely in the spirit of classic Änglagård, but is more adventurous perhaps, and this track in particular has more than a subtle nod in the direction of Magma...
Magmatic Warning
All Traps on Earth - A Drop of Light - AMS
For prog fans who have patiently sat through this much while grumbling that there hasn't been anything retro enough, this last one's for you. Norway's Wobbler has four studio albums to their credit dating back to 2005's "Hinterland", and I have to confess I had sort of categorized them as "they are good but it's all been done before". So when I heard that their latest album was really good, I didn't check it out right away. One night I was listening to Infinite Ceiling, as you all should, and Mark played it, and wouldn't you know it, it's really really good. In fact, almost this entire playlist has previously been played on Mark's show, because it's just that good. Anyway, as this a progressive rock show tonight, it is de rigueur to close with a 20-minute classic symphfest.
From Silence to Somewhere
Wobbler - From Silence to Somewhere - Karisma
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