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Electronic Meditation
Thursday May 17th, 2018 with Sean McFee

Mark Shreeve was putting albums out for over 15 years by the time he started Redshift in the mid-90s. His music to that point had included electronic and film music releases among other styles, but for Redshift he went in a decidedly retro direction, invoking mid-70s Tangerine Dream early and often. While the general approach has never changed too much from this starting point, later releases are often darker and more intense, and there is an increasing use of rhythm instruments.

Redshift is commonly thought of as a trio or quartet, but this is largely only true in their live configuration. In the studio the albums were often Mark Shreeve by himself. Other members of the group have included Julian Shreeve, Rob Jenkins, James Goddard, and later on, Ian Boddy (who also forms the duo ARC with Mark Shreeve).

Although this is a survey of "studio" albums it's not as easy as that, because some of the material is actually live, particularly on "Ether".

There is a heavy use of retro synthesizers in this project, most famously including the Moog IIIc modular synthesizer. Moog Music has actually "reissued" the IIIc in 2017, with plans to produce and sell 25 units. It was a bargain at $35000!
Redshift - Redshift - Champagne Lake
A Midnight Clear
Redshift - Ether - Champagne Lake
Redshift - Down Time - Champagne Lake
Redshift - Halo - Distant Sun
Redshift - Oblivion - Distant Sun
Redshift - Turning Towards Us - Distant Sun
Soft Summer Rain
Redshift - Life to Come - Distant Sun
Interactive CKCU
Cool . Hints of blue man group too

1:49 AM, May 17th, 2018
Sean McFee (host)
They have a song on the first album called Blueshift :)

11:09 AM, May 17th, 2018