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Electronic Meditation
Thursday May 10th, 2018 with mark
Sean's not here... Where's the Sean? Has anybody seen the Sean? Where is that confounded Sean?

Background music Altus: The Time Collection- Time Forgotten
Arp Parts I - IV
ambisonic - ARP - independent Canadian
arti & mestieri - Progday Special - Electromantic Music
-- set break --
onewayness is Adam Holquist, an experimental electronic musician from Erie, Pennsylvania who was in at The Daily Grind Sept. 5, 2015 and this is the recording of that show. Also a part of the evening was local electronic artist Rob Cosh.
onewayness - live at the daily grind - independent
Night Sounds Like This To Me
Rob Cosh - Collected Works Vol. 1 - independent Canadian
-- set break --
Communique 'Approach Spiral'
Michael Shrieve - Transfer Station Blue - Fortuna
Boatalone (We're Not Sailing in This...)
Mahogany Frog - vs Mabus - independent Canadian
Cisco [Phoenix Rising Version]
Rovo & System 7 - Phoenix Rising
Interactive CKCU