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Electronic Meditation
Thursday January 18th, 2018 with Sean McFee
Intelligence Quotient

Tonight it's British group IQ, then some modern Canadian progressive rock (well, modern meaning "since 2002"), and some new "cosmic ambient" music from France.
Let's begin at the beginning.
Intelligence Quotient
IQ - Nine in a Pond is Here - The Super Tortured Artist Label
Awake and Nervous
IQ - Tales from the Lush Attic - Giant Electric Pea
The Wake
IQ - The Wake - Giant Electric Pea
After the fourth one, realization. Finding our road, the same as if today.
Leap of Faith
IQ - Ever - Giant Electric Pea
The Seventh House
IQ - The Seventh House - Giant Electric Pea
Born Brilliant
IQ - Dark Matter - Giant Electric Pea
First two releases are from 2002, the last from 2008. Progressive rock of different flavours... Ere G is a modern take on the Genesis-meets-Harmonium sound, while Mundi Domini had some of the same folk touches as earlier Quebec prog groups like l'Engoulevent, and finally Jelly Fiche had a lot of admiration for Floyd.
La course aux papillons
Ere G - Au-delà des ombres - Ipso Factoj Canadian
Le petit train posé
Mundi Domini - Mundi Domini Canadian
Tout ce que j'ai rêvé
Jellyfiche - Tout ce que j'ai rêvé - Unicorn Canadian
Guiding Light
IQ - The Seventh House - Giant Electric Pea
Newly discovered artist creating what I'll call "cosmic ambient" music. Some similarities to Tarotplane, which I have been playing lately as well. First track is a cover from a VA tribute comp. The "Le Long de la Charentonne" album was released digitally in 2016 and is now available on cassette.
All the Years Round
Julien Thomas - The Amon Düül II Tributes
Part I
Julien Thomas - Le Long de la Charentonne - Troglodisques
Interactive CKCU