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Electronic Meditation
Thursday January 11th, 2018 with Sean McFee
radio massacre international - early

British trio of Steve Dinsdale, Duncan Goddard, and Gary Houghton, playing what I would call Berlin school music -- largely improvised, with plenty of electronic instruments and devices including synths and sequencers.
Darker atmospheric work inspired by the Gulf War
radio massacre international - gulf - northern echo
Recorded in 1994 and released in 2000, once they felt they had a sufficient following that they could release "riskier", more experimental compositions. These also vary from their usual workflow in not being improvised and including overdubs.
part 4
radio massacre international - the god of electricity - Centaur
The first actual studio album, from 1995, this was a double-CD with over two hours of music. A very strong opening move!

Knutsford in May is from the year after (1996)... amusingly, the composition "frozen north part 2" doesn't actually appear on the album "frozen north"... that album has part 1 and part 4. No clue if part 3 has surfaced somewhere, as the band has a ton of archival releases.
radio massacre international - frozen north - Centaur
frozen north part 2
radio massacre international - knutsford in may - Centaur
republic (1996) and organ harvest (1997) continue the style put out on frozen north.
radio massacre internatinoal - republic - Centaur
organ harvest
radio massacre international - organ harvest - Centaur
For 1998's Borrowed Atoms, the group actually came up with three full CDs of material, and perhaps seeing this as overly risky or excessive, they included two of them in the release. The "third CD", totaling 70 minutes of music, became the companion CDR release "bothered atmos". The group has put out a ton of CDR-only releases in addition to their CD catalog, which has allowed them to explore smaller runs and release riskier material (Gulf is also such a release). While I have misgivings about the format (prejudice, surely), it is clear that no compromises were made on the quality of the music.
radio massacre international - bothered atmos - northern echo
Interactive CKCU
Love these guys, thanks Sean.

1:31 AM, January 19th, 2018
Sean McFee (host)
Thanks for listening!

2:31 PM, February 20th, 2018