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Electronic Meditation
Thursday April 20th, 2017 with Sean McFee
Harald Grosskopf

No need for a 4/20 themed show given what I normally play anyway, so instead this week we do a feature on German drummer Harald Grosskopf. This drummer has been a stalwart of the German music scene, from progressive rock to Krautrock to Berlin-school over a 30 year period.
Wallenstein - Blitzkrieg - Ohr
Cosmic Couriers ...
Die Welt
Walter Wegmüller - Tarot - Spalax
Galactic Supermarket
Cosmic Jokers - Galactic Supermarket - Spalax
During one of the Cosmic Courier sessions, Grosskopf had a revelation that his drumming followed too much in the footsteps of others. He quit Wallenstein, and his interest switched to electronic music. His metronomic time-keeping proved invaluable for some of the Berlin school forerunners.
Stardancer II
Klaus Schulze - Body Love II - Revisited
Frank Herbert
Klaus Schulze - X - Metronome
Ice Train
Ashra - Correlations - Virgin
Two inextricably linked albums that hinted at what electronic music could have evolved into, but alas did not.
So Weit, So Gut
Harald Grosskopf - Synthesist - Bureau B
Electric Day
You - Electric Day - Bureau B
You - Electric Day - Bureau B
Nightsounds Part II (excerpt)
Bernd Kistenmacher / Harald Grosskopf - Stadtgarten Live - Green Tree
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