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Electronic Meditation
Thursday April 21st, 2016 with Sean McFee
Space is dark, it is so endless

Why does man try to act so tall?
Terra Hidria
Hidria Spacefolk - Symbiosis - Silence
Black Mountain is a band from the West Coast of Canada featuring Jeremy Schmidt (aka Sinoia Caves) and three other people who are not also known as Sinoia Caves, but appear to provide integral parts of this particular band's sound, such as voices, amplified string instruments, and drums. Their newest release is structured somewhat like a double album (well I assume it's on wax at any rate), so I guess this is the end of side C and all of side D, also known as the last three cuts. Dig it!
(Over and over) The Chain
Black Mountain - IV - Jagjaguwar Canadian New
Crucify Me
Black Mountain - IV - Jagjaguwar Canadian New
Space to Bakersfield
Black Mountain - IV - Jagjaguwar Canadian New
Dutch band 35007 (Loose upside down) produced a few nice slabs of space rock a while back before calling it a day, although rumours exist that they partially reformed as Monomyth. Further rumours suggest that Monomyth may make it to a future program. I frankly don't know who has time to spread such mundane rumours but so be it. Liquid was probably their peak, and it's out of print, so here are the 38 minutes in its glory.
35007 - Liquid - Stickman
35007 - Liquid - Stickman
35007 - Liquid - Stickman
Voyage Automatique
35007 - Liquid - Stickman
Anomalous Disturbances is the name of an ambient project by Terry O'Brien, former guitarist of progressive rock group Nightwinds, who I previously played on the show (look up: Gamelan Winds in the Swedish Night). I've just been introducing myself to this music and I want you to meet it too, I really do.
Anomalous Disturbances - Archive Two - Disappearing Canadian
Navigator is one of a whole bunch of "neo-Berlin" artists who were around in the late 90s and early 00s, many on the Groove Unlimited label. I've played a couple of British groups from the period before in Redshift and Node. I would say Navigator, who were from Denmark, take a fairly traditional take on the vintage TD style and execute it very well.
Oceanic Empire
Navigator - Oceanic Empire - Groove Unlimited
If I have played my cards right and talked little enough, we finally get to hear some Ozrics on the show!
Ozric Tentacles - Strangeitude - Snapper
Interactive CKCU